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These are the preliminary release notes for version 1.1.1, which will probably be released during february.

This is primarily a bug fix release where the major effort has been spent on addressing the unicode issues which made MakeHuman crash on various windows platforms.


  • It should now be possible to mix encodings on windows 7 (for example having a unicode file system, but a cp850-encoded filename). This will solve crashes when the user name or the installation path contain latin1 characters such as åäöüñé.
  • The UI will no longer crash when using any translation.
  • More consist management of undo and restore defaults
  • Glitches with the male formal suit have been fixed (thanks CallHarvey3d)
  • Glitches with the male worksuit have been fixed (thanks marco_105)


In general, it should be possible to replace the 1.1.0 release with the 1.1.1 release without any noticable downsides. If you use the male worksuit, please note that it has had its UV layout redone from scratch (so third part textures relying on the old UV layout will no longer work).

All fixes

  • Bug #78: "Restore Default" button in settings
  • Bug #195: "Undo" does not actually undo many commands
  • Bug #354: Add package_name + date in window title
  • Bug #662: New malesuit01 needs minor UV touch-up
  • Bug #718: Alternative distribution for windows
  • Bug #764: SVG not supported on windows (but doesn't crash)
  • Bug #771: Consistent handling of binary/ascii export choice
  • Bug #831: Worksuit texture touch-up
  • Bug #945: increasing eye bag slider breaks armature
  • Bug #954: Possible problem in default rig weights
  • Bug #981: Makeclothes doesn't like eyes
  • Bug #983: Modeling Face Mouth features slider images
  • Bug #1004: RC and recent HG builds - file loader does not populate
  • Bug #1027: MH 1.1.0 - Windows 10 PreRelease Build - File list Exceptions
  • Bug #1028: MH 1.1.x - clean up / document status of genitals
  • Bug #1029: Unicode in MH path still causing trouble
  • Bug #1034: Malassigned / malformed vertices in the armpit
  • Bug #1037: Using any translation crashes parts of the GUI
  • Bug #1043: Possible issue in module3d
  • Bug #1051: Assymetric foot vertex groups
  • Bug #1053: Help About
  • Bug #1054: Ubuntu 16.04 and mesa drivers
  • Bug #1057: ppa produced overwrite errors
  • Bug #1066: material_editor unicode warning MH 1.1.0 release
  • Bug #1070: Sort filters dysfunctional - MH 1.1.0
  • Bug #1073: Error loading a bvh pose created in Blender
  • Bug #1076: MacOS Sierra - MakeHuman 1.1.0 data directory not loading
  • Bug #1083: _cat_data["bodyproportion"] or _cat_data["bodyproportions"]?
  • Feature #1093: Easy way to copy version number to clipboard for bug reporting