FAQ:Which version of MakeHuman should I download?

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TL;DR: At this point in time, you are best off downloading the "nightly build". For windows, it is available from the download directory. Look for the file named "*-nightly-windows.zip". Linux users are encouraged to run from source, but there is also a PPA at https://launchpad.net/~makehuman-official/+archive/ubuntu/makehuman-community

There are three different versions of MakeHuman, and it can be confusing for new users to understand which is stable and/or current. The available versions are:

  • MakeHuman nightly builds (of what is to become 1.2.x): This is the latest code, and it is published every night. It thus contains all the latest changes, although theoretically a mistake could have been introduced. At this point in the development cycle, this is the most stable download.
  • Makehuman alphas and betas (of what is to become 1.2.x): These are points in time where the development code was released together with release notes and a version number (such as "1.2.0-alpha4"). In practice is basically the same as an old nightly build.
  • MakeHuman releases (currently 1.1.x): These are formal releases from the stable branch of makehuman. They are updated seldomly and are well tested. At this point in time the last formal release is 1.1.1. However, this is rather old and does not contain a lot of the functionality which has been added lately.