FAQ:Where are my MakeHuman files found (where is my HOME directory)?

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The Home folder location depends on where your operating system (Windows, Linux Osx, etc..) stores documents, pictures, files, settings, preference, videos, and music by default. Here is the basic guide:

  • Microsoft Windows NT: <root>\WINNT\Profiles\<username>
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and 2003: <root>\Documents and Settings\<username>
  • Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8: <root>\Users\<username>
  • Linux: <root>/home/<username>
  • Mac OSX: /Users/<username>
  • MakeHumanPortable (all Windows versions): X:\PortableApps\MakeHumanPortable\AppDate (replace X: by the appropriate drive letter of your removable device)

Within the Home directory you should find a folder called makehuman. Starting with MakeHuman Alpha 8, the makehuman folder contains version specific subfolders for major releases.

MakeHuman 1.0.X automatically stores data into the [HOME]/makehuman/v1/, using the following scheme:

  • linux: /home/USERNAME/makehuman/v1
  • OSX: /Users/USERNAME/Documents/makehuman/v1
  • win32: ROOT_LETTER:\Documents and settings\USERNAME\My Documents\makehuman\v1

The [HOME]/makehuman/v1 folder will, in turn, have a series of subfolders separating your personal MakeHuman files like saved models, saved exports, data (e.g., custom clothes, materials, and geometries), backgrounds, renders, screen grabs, etc.


  • On Windows systems, "My Documents" is subject to internationalization.
  • On recent Windows versions you can also use: ROOT_LETTER:/Users/USERNAME/Documents.
  • ROOT_LETTER is often C:, but not necessarily.