FAQ:What is MPFB (MakeHuman Plugin For Blender)?

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The MakeHuman Plugin for Blender is a plugin which enables direct communication with MakeHuman from Blender. The main feature is that you get a one click import button that fetches the current character as displayed in MakeHuman into Blender, without the need to first export to a file. The import will handle rigging, proxies, clothes and materials.

Other features include:

  • Automatic support for both Eevee and Cycles (the old Blender Internal renderer is not supported)
  • Ability to switch between FK and IK
  • Adds convencience modifiers for showing/hiding helper geometry
  • Able to add enhanced skin shading with, for example, SSS
  • Kinect integration

The blender plugin is available for download from the plugins page

For instructions on how to install it, see FAQ: How do I install a plugin in Blender 2.80?