FAQ:Is there a mac build?

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There is an old mac build for 1.1.1, available for download via the download page. This is compatible with at least older releases of OSX.

There is no build available for the latest/current MakeHuman code (ie 1.2.x). This is because we currently have no active mac developer and thus no-one around to build, maintain and give support for mac releases.

It is possible that the current code runs from source on mac (see instructions in https://github.com/makehumancommunity/makehuman/blob/master/README.md), through using largely the same approach as on Windows. However, this is not tested.

Do you want to become maintainer for a mac build?

If you have a mac, the skills required for producing a distributable binary package, and are interested in maintaining a mac build, contact us on the forums.