FAQ:I have a problem with makehuman. How do I report it?

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The MakeHuman project has a multitude of channels where content is published. Most of these are not monitored for comments.

The channels which are monitored are:

  • The forum
  • The bugtracker(s)

Thus, if you want your report to be seen by someone who is able to answer, your best bet is using one of these. If you have a support request, your best bet is the forum. If you have a bug report, take a look at the bug tracker(s)

Where to not ask for support

The channels which are specifically not monitored are:

  • Youtube comments
  • Facebook comments
  • Blendernation
  • Blenderartists

Thus, if you post something here, you should not be surprised if you get no answer. Occasionally someone might see something posted here and answer it, but this is on a random basis.