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In contrast to all other third party stuff described in the topics above, new plug-ins are not installed in the user-home folder of MakeHuman, but need to be directly installed in a subfolder called "plugins" of the program folder. The plugins-folder can be found in the same folder where the MakeHuman executable is located (On Windows where you unzipped MakeHuman. On Debian-like systems, when using a package management, the folder is found at /usr/share/makehuman). The plug-in names start with a number and can be a single file or multiple files in a folder. Now copy the third party plug-in file or folder to the correct subfolder "plugins" indicated above. On Linux make sure the newly installed plug-ins have the same permissions/ownership as the other plug-ins. When installing to /usr/share/makehuman, one will usually need root privileges. Often it is necessary to install a corresponding plug-in to Blender (e.g. exporter/importer plug-in like MHX2). Please refer to the official Blender documentation on how to install plug-ins in Blender.