FAQ:How can I run the same code as the nightly build from source?

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The main difference between the stable code at bitbucket and the new code at github, is that the new code is a port to python3. Further: as pyqt4 has been deprecated and is no longer available for download for windows, the code now also has a fallback on pyside.

So to run the code you will in summary need:

  • Python 3 (on windows exactly python 3.4, on other platforms at least python 3.4)
  • PyQT4 or PySide (on windows only PySide is available)
  • PyOpenGL
  • numpy

Running from source on Linux

These instructions are written for Ubuntu 16.04. Other systems might need a slightly adapted procedure.

Installing dependencies

All dependencies are available via apt:

   sudo apt-get install python3 python3-opengl python3-pyside python3-numpy git 

Getting the source

As we fetch source code from several repos, let's make a subdir in our home to store everything:

   cd ~
   mkdir makehuman-devel
   cd makehuman-devel

Fetch all source directories. For now we'll use a fork of MHX2, but once we're sure our py3 port works we'll send a pull request back to Thomas:

   git clone https://github.com/makehumancommunity/makehuman.git
   git clone https://github.com/makehumancommunity/community-plugins-mhapi.git
   git clone https://github.com/makehumancommunity/community-plugins-assetdownload.git
   hg clone https://bitbucket.org/Aranuvir/mhx2_python3

Link plugins

We'll put symlinks in the plugin directory so that we can simply pull from the plugin repos and get the newest versions later on.

   cd makehuman/makehuman/plugins
   ln -s ../../../community-plugins-mhapi/1_mhapi
   ln -s ../../../community-plugins-assetdownload/8_asset_downloader
   ln -s ../../../mhx2_python3/9_export_mhx2

Download core assets

Cd to the makehuman dir and run the download script

   cd ..
   python3 download_assets.py

You can also optionally run the compile*.py scripts to generate NPZ files, but this is strictly speaking not necessary

Start makehuman

To start MH be sure to use python3:

   python3 makehuman.py

If you get a crash or no toon is visible in the window, try:

   python3 makehuman.py --noshaders

Running from source on windows

To be written

Running from source on Mac

To be written