FAQ:How can I run MakeHuman from a BitBucket source clone?

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Contrary to popular opinion it is not all that difficult to run MakeHuman directly from source. Doing so has the following benefits:

  • You get full access to all assets (i.e. you are not restricted to only compiled/processed/compressed versions)
  • You can "update" the MakeHuman directory and thereby download only the latest changes instead of having to download and unzip a big binary each time a change has been made. (This requires the usage of Mercurial)

MakeHuman code is pure Python based. To run MakeHuman from source you need to install the following dependencies: Python 2.7, NumPy, PyOpenGl and PyQt for Qt4. The link to the source code is in the download section. You can either get the code as a zip-file or download it with the version control tool Mercurial.

The full procedure with platform specific notes is documented in Running MakeHuman from Source.