Please, report mhx2 bugs to Thomas'bugtracker.

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Re: Please, report mhx2 bugs to Thomas'bugtracker.

Postby Aranuvir » Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:47 am

Do you get the same issue, when you log in as root, or admin, or something similar? If you should be able to copy the files now, do not forget to assimilate the file permissions of the newly installed plug-in to the other plug-ins!
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Re: Please, report mhx2 bugs to Thomas'bugtracker.

Postby punkduck » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:52 am

That is a typical MacOS "feature" of extended permissions. It is attached to everything that is loaded from somewhere, e.g. from a camera. Because Apple knows it is evil. :roll:

What apple is not aware of, is that when you copy these files to a non-apple filesystem you will have real trouble, because apple tries to put these extended permission in extra files. In this case you have to remove this extra information.

Back to the problem. The reason: MacOS is a still a UNIX system, but uses extended permissions. If you download a picture it is also marked, but because a picture is not executable you will not have a problem. These extended permissions are an attribute of the file, like standard read/write/execute permissions.

In the GUI they are presented in the way explained but on shell you will see a symbol like @ (I am not quite sure).

The only way I know was opening a terminal and get rid of these extended permissions by clearing them.

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xattr -c <filename(s)>

Complete syntax here:

Maybe there is a MAC-GUI option also (quaratine?) but for me as a developer using a lot of tools from github etc that was no solution.
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