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Postby wolgade » Tue Mar 15, 2022 3:03 pm

Well, I've been away for some time. More than two years. In the meantime I played around with some DAZ characters. In a way you get quicker results, on the other hand, the DAZ universe is clearly not intended for people who want to create their own stuff. It's meant to sell stuff. Creating your own content is quite painful and not very well documented. But that's not even the problem.

Everything I did lacked something. It turned out to be hard to even get a good idea for a scene to build. It took me two years to realize why. DAZ characters look great in the same way models look great, but there's nothing behind. Real people have a background, they have a personality and, most important, they're not perfect. You can render images with perfect characters without background, but it's impossible to tell a story with them. Some kind of a story is essentially for a scene.

So I returned to Sofia, a never-finished character created with MH to let her tell, what I wrote above.


The car is taken from Blendswap (

Some plants were donated by Punkduck.

BTW: Sofia wanted me to ask. Is anyone interested in buying a used car with some minor issues?
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Re: Back

Postby punkduck » Sun Mar 20, 2022 7:00 pm

Hi there and welcome back,

Why do you post this to off-topic? ;)

Well this is a pretty German street ... just new tarred I guess ... :mrgreen:

The image would also fit to gallery. But yes, what makes our characters unique (at least those changed in Blender etc.), is that we mostly do not use them out of the box. There are some character generators meanwhile, like also metahuman etc. who not only deliver "pretty female models with scheme of childlike characteristics" but also "normal people".

But when one generates a character with a few clicks there is mostly not really a story behind. It is good to populate a scene maybe. Like buying these tiny people for a model railway layout.
In the end it is the scene itself, the mood and the idea to create sth etc.

For some of us, MakeHuman is the base. If a scene really looks impressive or not depends mostly on the complete scenario. It is like a film. A pretty character alone will not work ...

Greetings punkduck
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Re: Back

Postby Mindfront » Thu Apr 07, 2022 7:37 pm

A very nice and warming picture with a clear story. I'm very happy to see you back :D .
Think we "disappeared" around the same time. Time flies by faster than the lark's wingbeat. Never tried DAZ and after your review never will. This remind me why I decided using MakeHuman, to create own characters with personality.
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