Clyde's Story XVI: There Goes the Neighborhood

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Clyde's Story XVI: There Goes the Neighborhood

Postby BaronVonGott » Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:06 pm

Thunderella: Out of my way, puny American! Boyfriend is coming home with Thunderella! Pale girl is pummel! Clyde: Wait! Thunderella, don't! Oof!
Clyde: Wait! You don't understand! Thunderella: I have no time for understanding. Time for talking is over! Is time for pummel!
Clyde: Lydia, run! Get Cody and get the hell out of here!
Thunderella: Puny, pale, trollop! Thunderella will break your spine for stealing boyfriend!
Lydia: I didn't steal anything! Cody's kind of cute, but he's not really my type! This is a misunderstanding!
Dylan: Leave my sister alone, you giant cow!
Thunderella: Puny guitarist is calling me cow? I will snap your neck like pencil!
Dylan: Put me down, you crazy French psycho! Clyde: She's not French, she's Ukrainian! Dylan: Now? You're giving me a geography lesson now? Dude, shut up and do something!
Clyde: I've got an idea, and I really hope this works!
Clyde: Leave him alone, Thunderella! Now! Thunderella: AAA! Stop this! What you are doing?
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