Major Distortion with Teeth on Mouth Shape Drivers.

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Major Distortion with Teeth on Mouth Shape Drivers.

Postby njrk97 » Wed May 01, 2019 2:35 pm

As the Title says, i have been using the MHX2 importer to import some meshes into Blender and i swear that on older iterations i did not have this issue but now it seems like whenever i Open the mouth using the Driver it distort the Teeth mesh and stretches it. Image

Considering i was intending to use these humans for some animation stuff not being able to open their mouths is a pretty huge issues and has now destroyed my previous models and posing because of this. For Reference i am running Blender 2.79b, and i have used both the newer 0.30 and the older 0.27 and both of them run into the exact same issue. Is their a fix for this? Something im doing wrong in the import process. As i mentioned this is kinda a big thing that will kill a huge amount of animation prospects if i cant fix it. The only other thing i can do is reinstall the exporter on Make Humans end and change that to a older version aswell, even then the fact its doing it on my older models already imported before the updates seems to indicate that wont help.

Please if someone can help, that would be appreciated.
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