about rigs ???

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about rigs ???

Postby pitibonom » Sun Mar 31, 2019 7:50 pm

hi all :))

i'm quite new over here, tho i follow MH since years ;)

i decided.... ( and am really a demon when it's a matter of decision :P ) tu use MH !
imho it's mature enough ( tho i'd like it to be more :P ) for achieveing what i wanna do

MH <---> blender <---> mixamo <---> unity3D

i need to creat legions of toons. rig them in blender, animate them in mixamo/blender then push them to unity so that i can anymate any toon with any anim ^^

quite ambitious !
i did this in past years, all by hand hand believe me.... i've deeply been pissed off ^^

MH toons are interresting.
MH rigs are ok
female1605 <--- game rig is perfect for what i need
from blender, this 'rigged mesh' goes nice in mixamo, grabs anims, bring them back to blender.....
all is juste perfect ! i'm close to my workflow !!!!!

now i want to change my female toon in MH !

MH is just ( almost :P ) perfect for this.

BUT !!!!

SHIT !!!! F**K !!!!

when i change the toon shape ( muscles, age, errrrr..... some things more...... ) it changes the rig !!!!!
watdafuk guyz !!!!!

what can i do with a rig-per-toon ?
okay it's nice for.... for what ????.....
say.... demo :P

but the rig i need must NOT be changed !!!! or it will fuck up all anims !!!!

fatten bellies or arms or legs..... move this to that, anything but DON'T CHANGE THE RIG !!!!!!!

okay i bet you see me comin :P

i WANT a toggle that is named ' dont fuckin change this damn rig, whatever changes you do !'

i agree that it's not always possible but i prefer a fucked-up toon in MH ( no man you cannot do this with a stuck rig ) instead of a mess-up in unity/blender after hours of work :)

therefore, my question: :P
is there a way to forbid rig changes when editing a toon in MH ?
I bet there is :P
imho MH is far too smart :P it stays coherent with itself, whatever user wanna do.
i agree it's just awesome and as a former programmer i know this is just hell ^^


lets get back to.... unperfection.... and set up a flag in prefs sayin: YOU STOOPID USER WILL NEVER CHANGE THE RIG !!!

i would not like it !!! i would LOVE it !!!!

FYI am working on creating a virtual reality of a medieval city in france: Carcassonne.
you can take a peek at https://blenderartists.org/t/carcassonne/1114754/39
or on my website where i set up my first MH char !
i want this char ! i NEED it !!!!

hoping for your answers quick !

happy blending and.... errr.... Happy MHing ? ahahah i like the word :P

Best regards.
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Re: about rigs ???

Postby smonbrogg » Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:18 am

I sugest you let Unity do the retargeting of your animations instead of trying to make all characters have the same rig.

In Unity, select the FBX export of your makehuman toon and select Humanoid in Animation Type in the Rig section in the Inspector. Click apply and then the Configure... button under Avatar Deformation. Check the bone mappings and assign missing bones (probably unity will find all of them for you, so you dont need to do this step). Find the Pose dropdown in the Mapping section and select Enforce T Pose. Click the Done button.

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Re: about rigs ???

Postby AnimationPrepStudios » Sat Jul 27, 2019 10:34 pm

Recently I developed a workflow for generating Makehuman characters and using automation scripts to import into Unity.

if you intend on adding a lot of characters in your game then I find it saves time to use a standardized (or automated) workflow similar to this example
And here's the example Unity project on GitHub.
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