Cleaning up on github

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Cleaning up on github

Postby joepal » Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:42 pm

I have picked up the big brutal broom and swept out some deprecated stuff on github:

These repositories have been deleted:

  • makehuam_stable_python3 (Use the "master" branch in "makehuman" instead)
  • makehuman_python3 (Use the "master" branch in "makehuman" instead)
  • communityassets (this repo didn't make much sense after the advent of the asset downloader and the structural changes in the user repos)
  • official_assets_11x (use "makehuman-assets" instead, it has a 11x branch)
  • official_assets_10x (use "makehuman-assets" instead, it has a 10x branch)

Slated for deletion if no-one protests is:

  • communityassets-wip (no-one has used this since 2016)
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Re: Cleaning up on github

Postby Aranuvir » Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:07 pm

Good job. Nice to see we have a history of official assets, even going beyond 1.0.0. Does communityassets-wip contain things we cannot find on our contribution page? If not I'd propose to purge it. We have the asset download plugin, which is better than downloading one big thing...
BTW, I'd propose to transfer my asset tweak tool to my own repo. Currently it does its job only in parts, if it even starts up. Will have to rewrite it, if I find some time... Same for the perspective view. Hoped there would be some collaboration. At the moment it does not work.
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Re: Cleaning up on github

Postby wolgade » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:27 am

Good idea to clean up. Lately I managed to download an outdated asset download plugin by using the wrong place. If I can get confused despite the fact that I have been around here for a while, newbies might get lost completely. When house keeping is finished we should have one and only one page documenting where to get what.
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Re: Cleaning up on github

Postby punkduck » Fri Jan 05, 2018 12:03 am

Aranuvir wrote:Same for the perspective view. Hoped there would be some collaboration. At the moment it does not work.

Maybe this year I'm able to do more in this direction. The perspective view does not work because part of the software I wrote was simply wrong. I mixed up focal distance and the focus angle :oops:

Therefore all limits are wrong, you cannot emulate a telephoto lens you need for portrait pictures. These are the new limits


Since a focal distance is more common than the focal angle, the focal distance is calculate from the focus angle with the formular:

Code: Select all
15 / (2 * math.tan(math.radians(value/2)))

The 15 in front is still a hack. The next image shows pictures created with this setup and put together in GIMP. The last picture uses the eyes as a constant part, so that you can see that the differences. I also tried this on my Evi-character and an original photo of her. I was fascinated, when I used 50mm the form of chin and cheeks started to match. ;)

My new idea is to use this tool to match a real photo, because real photos are not orbital. I guess this would help a lot. Of course, the x, y, z sliders should be replaced by an algorithm showing the same section (with a focus point) but using a different focus angle (or focal distance). When you look at the old perspective camera code there are some calculations in the code ... it seems to be a similar method.

At least the usage of a perspective camera should be simpler then. But I'm not sure if it is possible to use this in all screens without changing the code in core/ if we have two different camera methods. So I restarted my "experiments" with the goal to have a plugin where you can navigate and see the effects of using a different focal lengths. The next step will be the positioning of a background picture.


I must confess, that my knowledge isn't still the best. I had a python training in between, because I also need it for my job, so that's fine. But I have the feeling, that I lost a lot of my mathematical knowledge in between. After 3 hours I learned that math.tan needs radians ... :roll: :shock: :?

Creating clothes with Blender and doing scenes is much simpler for me, but when I have a new version up and running at home, I will send a PM.
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