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Postby Arielsee » Fri Mar 06, 2015 4:50 pm

It is a great idea to make a free software for creating 3d human form.
But let us situate the program on its niche:

It is 180 Megabytes big.

Compared to INSTANT character creators from game engines that run on DirectX9, like Two Worlds II(US$ 2,00 in some places, US$5,00 anywhere), Skyrim, Fallout, leaving tooned creators like The Sims and The Saints Row out , the MakeHuman character is very simplistic. If those models were more like the common nowadays man and extractable... (I marvel myself at repeatedly clicking on the random button of those generator)

There are so little many morphs choices to change, there should be dozen for each of head, ears, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, chin, forehead, hands, feet, torax, back, arms, legs, and so on..

It has little posing, and a good functional posing program is at tops 10 megabytes big, like XNA/XPS.

It lacks an exporter to common programs, especially DAZ3D, a very popular free program that could supplement the MakeHuman lacks.

The program did not change much in the years I've looked into it, but is heaving itself for little benefits to the user, and moving little forward to being an versatile piece of an artist pipeline.

I'll think about more given time.
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Re: MakeHuman

Postby wolgade » Sat Mar 07, 2015 7:26 pm

What's the message? Stop developing MH?

Need more morphs?
Use maketarget and create your own!

Little posing?
Import your rigged character into blender and pose as you like!

It lacks an exporter to common programs, especially DAZ3D

You can export to fbx and collada. DAZ3D should be able to import this. Or are you talking about their own proprietary file format? If so, does anybody but DAZ know about the internals of this format?

but is heaving itself for little benefits to the user, and moving little forward to being an versatile piece of an artist pipeline.

If MH doesn't suit your needs, then why do you want to use it? MH is pretty usefull for me and probably some other people, too.
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Re: MakeHuman

Postby duststorm » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:20 pm

*yawn*, low signal to noise ratio here...

Arielsee wrote:(...) game engines that run on DirectX9 (...)

That's so 2009...

Arielsee wrote:There are so little many morphs choices to change

About 300 on my last count, feel free to point me to another tool that offers a similar amount of parameters.

Arielsee wrote:It has little posing

Not our main goal, there are enough tools for this.

Arielsee wrote:It lacks an exporter to common programs, especially DAZ3D

If that tool does not support OBJ, DAE or FBX, I'd say they are really not making an effort at importing anything. What format would you expect? (and please, if you have a suggestion, instead of only critiques, don't hesitate to add it)

I am sorry that a piece of software for which you paid nada is not to your liking, you might be interested to know I am available for consultancy work. We could always agree a price to get your requested features implemented in MakeHuman. Otherwise you'll just have to live with what you get for free.
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Re: MakeHuman

Postby Mikel_J_Gee » Sun Mar 08, 2015 12:55 pm

I did not want to be the first to answer this post, but there are some things not yet mentioned for the above naggings.

DirectX9 ! ?? For what purpose, according to the point of sight of 3D-Software?? Your so called "common" 3D program DAZ3D uses this only for sound. (That's also valuable for a great part of game engines)

Posing?? Why? (as mentioned before) there are many systems which are doing a great job on this behalf.

You are talking about characters used in "systems" like Skyrim, Fallout, The Sims, The Saint RowOut.... Well, thus, that they are fine, rich in differnces and fine done, they stay what they are: recognizable from where they are.. from Skyrim.. and so on.

DAZ3D is a pseudo-free-software! Why pseudo? Well cause if You do not want to do Your work by Your own, or do not have the capabilties or the time (least like production studios), You have to buy the props, the characters, the clothes and what's so else. But also with all those morfing possibilities of DAZ3D and the also existing Genesis2 (for the general Character basis), everything is recognizable from where they are, otherwise, You have to start up and doing the basis by Your own.

Well if You are an artist, who needs only the char's and the props, cause Your focus is on the artistical composition, then stay with suites like this and use what they offer. Sofare for You there is no need of imports from MH to DAZ3D, but please!! And that's ment very serious:

Don't talk about a Formula 1 racecar beeing useless on public streets and normal drivers. They are not constructed to be used by "non-professionals".

As far as any comparison sucks in some part, I'd like to mention, that MH is not diectly an F1, but on behalf of human topology one of the leading systems on creating correct human 3D characters. And the accent is on correct and not on "artistical".
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Re: MakeHuman

Postby brkurt » Sun Mar 08, 2015 2:54 pm

I wanted to the dev team to chime in first, but I've got enough experience here to make a few statements. :roll:

DAZ3d does *not* use the Open Collada format, but their own proprietary version of Collada.
I worked with Marvelous Designer extensively, and this little SNAFU really upset the fashion design artists on the MD forum.

Secondly, the DAZ human figure (I believe it is called Genesis) uses more than twice as many polygons to achieve its realism, as contrasted to the MH base mesh. All one needs to do in Blender is use the multiple resolution and/or subsurface subdivision modifiers to get an even better model than DAZ, and you can turn the modifier off and on when you need to.

Thirdly, I will wager (that's a big statement for me, I'm Ukrainian) that nothing in the DAZ human figure library comes close to the MH 1.1 muscular topology.
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Re: MakeHuman

Postby ChrisSch » Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:28 am

You can't do much with DAZ unless you pay for extra morphs. Plus there's that insane tris count. Not suited for games at all. I'm almost completely satisfied with Makehuman. The only thing (and its a major thing) that's bugging me, is that there could be a bit more breasts morphs. Especially the angle/direction. But I read its coming in 1.2.
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