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FBX and Universal Scene Description - Open source progress?

PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 3:31 pm
by RobBaer
One of the problems MakeHuman users have had is passing their creations to downstream applications. For Blender, we have Thomas Larrson's MHX2, but for other workflow destinations we need to count on either Collada or FBX which have "spotting, inconsistent behavior" because of inconsistent support by various downstream applications. Looks like there could be some progress at making FBX more usable as an open source export vehicle from MH going forward

Ton Roosendaal (father of Blender) writes about his Siggraph experiences ... 16-report/:

Autodesk meeting
Autodesk has appointed a director open source strategy, he couldn’t attend but connected me with Marc Stevens and Chris Vienneau, executives in the M&E department. They also brought in Arnold’s creator Marcos Fajardo.
Marcos expressed their interest in having Arnold support for Blender. We discussed the (legal, licensing) technicalities of this a bit more, but for as long they stick to data transport between the programs (like PRman and VRay do now using Blender’s render API) there’s no issue. With Marc and Chris I had a lengthy discussion about Autodesk’s (lack of) commitment to open source and openly accessible production pipelines. They said that Autodesk is changing their strategy though and they will show this with actively sharing sources or participating in open projects as well. I invited them to publish the FBX spec doc (needs to get blessings from board, but they’ll try) and to work with Pixar on getting the character module for USD fleshed out (make it work for Maya + Max, in open license). The latter suggestion was met with quite some enthusiasm. Would make the whole FBX issue go away mostly.

Re: FBX and Universal Scene Description - Open source progr

PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2016 5:31 pm
by loki1950
Yeah Tom Roosendaal good find Rob hopefully we see something with in a year at the most corporate boards do tend to be glacial in there movements at the best of times.

Enjoy the Choice :)