1/6 scale Action Figures

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1/6 scale Action Figures

Postby Brokeman8 » Fri Dec 18, 2015 8:03 am

Yes, you guessed it right. Using Makehuman. I'm also a collector of 1/6 scale and RC, building much of my own. Headsculpts - Using Makehuman and not even going into Blender, I just model the head to the way I like. and Click on the Photo or camera icon on top. Rotate from front , 1/2 way, and sideways, Profile pictures. And then I upload them to my "That's My face.com" website. They'll make a Headsculpt or Whole ficure of whatever you created. Previews and approval. They're gonna get a bit of my money. Check it out, if you least know of someone who likes the 1/6 scale hobby. or Barbies, Gi Joe, And a few smaller figures down to Lego minifigures. Just check it out. (That'sMyFace.com) They have reviews on tv and they're within the USA. 8-) 8-) :idea: :geek: :ugeek:
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