MakeHuman and Dual Quaternion Skinning in Unreal Engine

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MakeHuman and Dual Quaternion Skinning in Unreal Engine

Postby bogdan666 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:24 pm

Did you know that MakeHuman Characters look even better in Unreal Engine with less bone adjustment work, if you build/compile a modded version, which supports Dual Quaternion Skinning.
Now the Characters preserve their volume at joints, which are twisted or bent.

Simply download the zip file from the following link (version 4.20): ... e/4.20-mod

If it shows the 404 error, it means that you have to make a github account at first and connect it with your epic account. This is done from inside of the epic account, otherwise it will not work!

In the example screens, which were taken inside of Unreal Engine, you see, that every imaginable pose/animation is possible and the Character still looks pretty good. But for even better poses you should have some basic knowledge about
anatomy+play around with the bones or it will not look right.

In blender there is even the option to "preserve volume=dual quaternion skinning" in the armature menu, so you see how it will look like inside of Unreal Engine.






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