Exporting and importing from Second Life

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Exporting and importing from Second Life

Postby Thomas_Ray » Mon Jan 01, 2018 1:44 am

there a way to import a mesh avatar or object from Second life----Or the other way around?
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Re: Exporting and importing from Second Life

Postby MargaretToigo » Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:40 pm

I don't know much about Second Life, but if it allows you to export and/or import a Wavefront .obj, then it can probably be done.
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Re: Exporting and importing from Second Life

Postby Elvaerwyn » Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:58 am

Greetings, yes its very possible to do just this from second life to blender would use firestorm and with the advanced menu up choose character xml save. it will save your shape to desktop as an xml file, or if you have a mesh body in second life you can take it off set it next to you and choose save as dae(using firestorm still). From blender to second life you simply save your avatar in blender to desktop as a dae file and upload the body as you would any other object but include info in form that its an avatar body and it needs its skin weight and joints! gl, if you need more help hit us up again, as I am sick it may be while for me to reply.
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