using makehuman with blender 3d

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using makehuman with blender 3d

Postby Lofton_1 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:55 pm

im trying to use this program along with blender 3d. im new to using makehuman, but ive used blender for a little while. any help is appreciated
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Re: using makehuman with blender 3d

Postby Texanhammer » Wed Mar 26, 2008 9:17 pm

Hi lofton, i guess your trying to ask how to Export out to Blender,
i had the same probs if you browse through the forum there is info on this already,
but basically you need to download a python script that allows you to import Collada 1.4 into
Blender, so save out your work as a Collada file, ive heard there are bugs in doing this but
(touch wood ) i havent had a problem yet!!!
This way you get the Skeleton of the body too!!
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Re: using makehuman with blender 3d

Postby andyp » Fri Mar 28, 2008 10:20 pm

here are some quick pointers with blender after importing

the textures, located in the textures_data file of makehuman, have to be added manually, and make sure you hit UV so that they go on nicely

as far as riging
download 2.46 rc1 cause thats the lastest version of blender,
and use that for riging the mesh, but first in edit mode
select all verts listed under the bones material, and delete them.
next hit crl + p for parenting => parent from: armarature => creat from bone heat
this will rig your mesh perfectly.


blender 2.46 has a bug were the alpha function with textures is messed up, so for renders use 2.45

for clothes:
make a copy of the main mesh shift + d
the go with it to another layer
in edit mode
select and delete all the verts (and materials) with every material except for the body
then edit where you want the clothes to start and end, making the skin into a shirt or pants by getting rid of the feet/hands, legs for shirt, torso/arms for pants
next exit out of edit mode, go to modifiers
select decimate, set it a .25 hit apply
in the materials replace the body with a new material
make sure it doesn't have textures,
and chage the color for the clothes
have both layers with character and clothes open,
select clothes, and then go into sculpt mode,
select inflate, and inflate the clothes until they fit out side of the characters skin, instead of parts in the character.

and thats a fully rigged and clothed character with the exception of the mouth
but thats a long and difficult process.

for hair, ask nicely for someone with hair made using textures to give you the hair and then add it to the mesh.

nice and easy.
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Re: using makehuman with blender 3d

Postby andyp » Sun Mar 30, 2008 4:36 pm

so today i've decided to give you a quick explination of how to rig the mouth

you will need blender 2.46 RC1 or above for this

first take the rig that was imported from MH
then in edit mode, select the node that is between the top head arm, and the lower head arm,
extrude it [e] and drag the new arm to reach to the chin of your character.

select the body mesh, hit shift-s, which makes a copy of the mesh that you can edit,
you want to do this twice.
for the original mesh, in edit mode, go into the edit menu, and select the verts in the materials in the teeth and tounge, and delete them.

for the other two copies, one is going to be the teeth, and the other is going to be the tounge.

select the body mesh, and go into weight paint mode.
hit n which will bring up a properties menu, and drag the brush size and opasity to the highest possible state
paint the the chin up to the lower lip completely red
then hit wire in the properties menu,
and then click the button that looks like a yelly triangle on a green plane, next to the layers menu,
this is a new feature with 2.46 that allows you to select a face and weight paint just that face.
so now you want to paint the lower lip, face by face, which actually doesn't take that long
next you want to get inside of the mouth and make sure the lower jaw, but not the top, and insides are painted
you can do this by hitting 5 on the key pad, and swinging the view into the mouth,
now you can use a combination of painting by face or every thing, and make sure the inside is fully painted.

for the teeth, simply weight paint them, and make sure you do the upper parts of the lower teeth face by face, so that you get just the lower teeth.
forthe tounge just paint it half way, so that its green, and now when you move the jaw, the tounge should move, but not completely.

now in pose mode, take the new jaw bone, and lower it 10 degrees,
and the mouth will be open, but will look very squarish, and fake.
so in weight paint mode, select the blur option
and paint around the edges of the lower lip and were you painted completely red in the cheeks.

this should make the lips more rounded when the jaw is open.

hope you guys find this useful!
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