RE: The .obj with materials.mtl

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RE: The .obj with materials.mtl

Postby kklam » Wed Mar 19, 2008 6:46 am

Dear all,

How are you, nice to meet you there!

First of all, I have used makehuman to generate a 3D human body, which is imported to JAVA program.
My Java porgram can run, compile and displayed the 3D human body successfully. But this 3D human body just "white" color without any texture.
I know that there is required one materials file ( materials.mtl), i have put it into my .obj together. But I see just "white" color without any texture.
It 3D human body should be contain "skin" color, eye, eyebrow, teeth etc in JAVA program.

I don't know why? Why my 3D human body just "white" color without any texture?

Many thanks for your support and answering my question.

Make human is very good software! enjoy it!

KK Lam

Thanks for your help, Manuel
But I still have question, I have export 3D human body to .obj format, the file contain both mesh.obj and materials.mtl.
There has one materials file. You mean that materials file does not work??

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Re: RE: The .obj with materials.mtl

Postby Manuel » Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:31 am

Unfortunately mtl is not exported yet...sorry!

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