Anyone used makeHuman?

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Anyone used makeHuman?

Postby suniokera » Mon Nov 27, 2023 7:21 am

I was looking for a easier way to make human models. Does anyone use MakeHuman? Is it useful? Is it safe to download? The website says Not secure.
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Re: Anyone used makeHuman?

Postby Ricardo2020 » Mon Nov 27, 2023 3:52 pm


First question: Yes, many folks use MakeHuman. It has emerged as one of the best ways to create models which can be exported into other software for further work. I use it in conjunction with Blender running on a Linux Mint workstation and the results are excellent. One can build any kind of human imaginable, from male to female, young or old, tall or short, skinny or fat, muscular or flabby, black or white, and anywhere in between with any combination of all the variables in an infinite number of ways. One is only limited by their imagination.

Second question: Yes, MakeHuman is safe. The login and FTP protocols for this site are not bound by a certificate server side, so the browser will alert to the fact that it is not secure due to the lack of said certificate. This really is not an issue for anything here. You can go ahead and do the download. There are packages for Windows, MAC and Linux. There are also plugins which allow for exporting of models in formats usable by most major 3d CGI programs.

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