3D printed MH posed figures

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3D printed MH posed figures

Postby BadRaven » Wed Mar 17, 2021 8:28 am

OK, briefly as poss what I need to do/have started. I need to create a range of 2mm to the foot 3D printed figures for personal use, as the commercial poses and particularly children shape/sizes are not available. Not much use modelling a 30's to 50's seaside location with no kids!

As just one example I need to create a crowd of kids watching a Punch and Judy man perform. There are MH floor seated poses available, and I can easily get the age/size I need, but none are fully suitable, as for one example the head is not looking forwards and up.

Since all my use will be for 3D printing, and the models are tiny (a 6' adult being 12mm!) I have no interest in skins or model detail that will not scale that small and be visible.

I have used MH to do a few figures from the available poses inc community poses and that works well.

My problem is that I'm stuck getting poses created by me working. Its confusing for a newbie as video and other help is seemingly pointed at earlier versions of the programs and/or uses terminology and menus that do not match on screen. I'm using the latest MH and Blender 2.92.0.

I can get a skeleton visible into Blender, I can alter the pose. It seems that I save the pose, no error messages result and the .BVH file is a comparable size. I insert this file into the MH data/poses folder. It appears in the Poses list (minus a thumbnail I'm not bothered about creating).

But selecting it on the pose list brings up the default pose.
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Re: 3D printed MH posed figures

Postby Geoff » Fri Mar 19, 2021 11:18 am

Hi, When you posted I didn't reply because I assumed someone with more experience would point you in the right direction. The following are notes I made in between banging my head against the wall trying to make some sense out of Blender and like you, found tutorials do not equate to what is shown on your screen.
I assume you are using the MakeHuman Community Plugin for Blender and Windows.
Click Import Human button.
Select skeleton.
Click drop down to select Pose Mode.
Change Timeline End from 250 to 1.(This is at bottom right of main window).
Pose as required.
Select all(Press A key).
Click File, Export, Motion Capture(.bvh).
Save to poses folder.("C:\Users\YourName\Documents\makehuman\v1py3\data\poses")
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Re: 3D printed MH posed figures

Postby BadRaven » Mon Apr 26, 2021 4:53 pm

Excellent, Thank You!

Have managed to go through the complete process, direct export to Blender, Adjust Pose, and return into MH via .bvh file in Poses folder.

SOOOOOO Pleased. :D :D
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