Removable Clothing

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Removable Clothing

Postby Fractal » Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:38 am

So I'm completely new to MakeHuman and quite a noob at Blender (although I have created models in F360 to texture in Blender) creating a model solely for my use in rather... compromising situations for my character. The default clothing seems to clip through my model (whose name is Cauchy), and I'm not sure how to one, work around it, and two, make the clothing removable on Cauchy. It doesn't have to behave ultra naturally because after all, I'm a noob. But in any future animation I use with Cauchy, I want her clothing to be removable. Is MakeHuman (I almost typed Makeshaper... too much 3D printing on mind lol) capable of this or do I need to model it myself? If so, what's the best way to go about modeling basic clothing for my character that isn't form-fitting?
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Re: Removable Clothing

Postby punkduck » Fri Jan 25, 2019 7:39 pm

Hi & welcome ...

There are two possibilities. When you work with only one set of clothes do it like this:

Export with mhx2 (when using triangle meshes e.g. by Elvaerwyn please consider this: ) ...

you should import your character it in Blender with mhx2 importer by overwriting the options like this:


So: decide if proxy when e.g. using genitals and load it with modifiers, which allows you to switch the faces under the clothes on and off.

In Blender you can switch the clothes on and off according to the buttons featured in the next picture:


(thanx for skirt and hair in demo-pic ... CC-BY by Elvaerwyn :D )

When you use your character like a doll for different clothing, you should export a nude character first and then the clothes and try to thing of a library concept. They can be appended in Blender. However you have to remodel sometimes part of the clothes. Best done with e,g. proportional edit. That's the way how I started with my models, and those models had done almost each job you can imagine. I am still working like this today. Disadvantage: no masking. The reason: I combine different layers of clothes. A jeans should also delete underwear.
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