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Experimental film

Postby Galadea » Fri Jun 02, 2023 9:51 am

Hi everyone,
I'm an independent filmmaker doing experimental animated films which I sometimes submit to festivals. Since I didn't use makehuman before, I consider to create a character with it for my next film. Am I allowed to use the created characters in these kind of films for free or do I have to buy a professional license?
I would be very glad, if someone can give me an answer to that. :)
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Re: Experimental film

Postby RobBaer » Fri Jun 02, 2023 2:40 pm

The license is available in Help/about license tab. From what you describe, there should be not problem.
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Re: Experimental film

Postby joepal » Sat Jun 03, 2023 10:24 am

There is no professional license. It's an open source project with no commercial tier.

Both MPFB and MakeHuman promise that output is CC0 for bundled assets and at most CC-BY if you opt to use some specific third-part assets.
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Re: Experimental film

Postby brownsunny148 » Mon Nov 20, 2023 4:44 am

Surely you need to ask their permission before using their characters. If your project is non-profit, you only need to ask for permission, and if your project is commercial in nature, you need to buy copyright. suika
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Re: Experimental film

Postby Noah1019 » Thu Dec 07, 2023 4:47 am

It's great to hear that you're an independent filmmaker working on experimental animated films! Regarding your question about using characters created with MakeHuman, it's important to review the terms and conditions of MakeHuman's licensing. Typically, the usage rights and licensing fees may vary depending on the specific terms set by MakeHuman. It's recommended to consult MakeHuman's licensing documentation or reach out to their support team for a definitive answer. Best of luck with your next film!
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Re: Experimental film

Postby widedisney » Thu Dec 21, 2023 3:13 am

I think if you test, you still need to buy the character to ensure intellectual property rights. This is really important because it is a testament to your contributionsnake io. Besides, if you register to buy, you will receive good incentives.
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