The so called filebrowser...

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The so called filebrowser...

Postby mcc » Sun Mar 06, 2011 5:16 pm


Changing the filebrowser from a "file carussel" to a "file page" was a big step forward in useability.

But this filebrowser still has potential of improvement:

* it cannot handle directories -- only the contents of a single, job bound directory
* it cannot handle more than one screen full of files -- and not everyone uses a 16:9/ 24" widescreen monitor
* it shows icons, which costs a lot of screen space and does not provide more than the difference between
man and woman as information about the files contents.
* If one creates "too much" versions of a model, s/he has to move older files into an subdirectory, which in
turn cannot be seen or visited with the filebrowser.
Or in other words: _You have to move files out of the way of the filebrowser to keep it useable_ .

My suggestion would be: Why to invent the wheel a 12th time?
Just implement (or even use a ready-to-use example or library) old fashioned fileselector box for that job?
And as long as one either has to use a low resolution screeen to recognize the barely visible differences in
the icons of the models and only be able to handle a handful of files OR to use a high resolution screen,
which offers more space for the files of the "filebrowser page" but renders the icons beyond any visible
difference more subtle as the difference between the genders I would think of stop using icons at all.
Nameing the files with speaking name is up to the user than.

Only my two cent....your filebrowser may vary... ;)

Best regards,
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Re: The so called filebrowser...

Postby mflerackers » Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:27 pm

I know it's unfinished, but at the moment we are busy with getting other features in a usable state.
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Re: The so called filebrowser...

Postby MapMonkey » Wed Jul 18, 2012 1:53 pm

Reviving this thread and expanding instead of creating a new one...

Lack of a file/directory browser does not allow native saving files to an external drive. (Most of my mhx exports show 30+ MB each with textures).
Lack of a file/directory browser does not allow native loading files between users. Even my Admin account cannot access models created by a WinBlows User account with MH without moving said models to the Admin's directory.


It appears (at least in WinXP) with separate Admin/Install and User accounts that cannot modify Program Files directory to be some sort of disconnect in accessing parts of the UI (User accounts DO have READ rights).
C:\Program Files\Makehuman\data\clothes\notfound.png (or ANY other notfound.png in any directory)
C:\Program Files\Makehuman\data\eyes\ any png
Hairs: Missing curly.png and long.png

The above portions of the UI are still clickable and work, but even though the images CAN be found and viewed in the appropriate directories, the UI does not display them.
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Re: The so called filebrowser...

Postby rendertom » Wed Dec 26, 2012 11:50 am

mflerackers wrote:I know it's unfinished, but at the moment we are busy with getting other features in a usable state.

I support the idea of a "standard" filebrowser box, even if it is ugly. I think a fancy and cool filebrowser would be "nice to have" but sure not what the community is here for. Still, without sensible file I/O the software is unusable. Use standard OS features to get stuff like this out of your way and free up time and effort for the real thing, which is the great modelling tools you are developing!
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Re: The so called filebrowser...

Postby Manuel » Wed Dec 26, 2012 4:24 pm

Next MH will be QT based. So the the filebrowser will be much more standard.

Re: The so called filebrowser...

Postby duststorm » Thu Jan 17, 2013 12:38 pm

We do not believe that directories will be really useful, but we will be using tags and metadata for filtering or sorting items in the future.
The advantage of tags is that an item can belong to more than one group, contrary to directories.

We can use tags like: male, female, both, ...
Currently the latest svn version already supports sorting proxies by their number of faces, more metadata will come.
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