Simple Male Bodysuit

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Simple Male Bodysuit

Postby Freehunter » Sat Oct 01, 2016 12:05 pm

A simple Male Bodysuit to go along with the Female Bodysuit. Again using textures from other CC0 User Contributions. This is released CC0.



for MH Portable (13 MB)

for regualr users (13 MB)

* Added basic bodysuit and example of customized texture to User Contributions *

* Bodysuit:

* Custom Texture:

VscorpianC's tutorial for Make Clothes

VscorpianC's tutorial for taking care of skin showing through

Skin poke through problems of course are related to pose, muscle, weigh, proportions, etc. These are scattered across the torso. the largest seems to be the left leg, like the Simple Female Bodysuit.


For more discussion on dealing with skin poke through see Simple Female Bodysuit
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