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Re: Disable nipples

Postby devrich » Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:42 pm

I realllllllllllllllly don't want to start a flame war or feed any trolls ( not accusing anyone of being one ) or anything to upset or insult anybody anywhere at any time.

That said..

I'm practically "brand new" to MakeHuman and character modeling. I really love it's start your character model design from anatomicly correct base philosophy!! I am posting in the hopes that I can adequately sum up the situation and in the future users asking for such requests could be pointed here.

I have been a video game developer for goin on 8 years or more and one of the things that comes up often is making realistic or semi-realistic characters with near-anatomicly correct bodies __but__ have the final model be both age-appropriate for kids and very young children while at the same time attempting to build in a basic anti-nude mechanism juuuust incase someone gets determined to try and "hack in" nudity on our characters.

sexy_muscle1977 wrote:It's simply a matter of going in to the MH folder, go to Data, Skins, load the skin textures into a graphic editor, clone a smooth patch of skin over the nipples, save and no more nipples.

SaltyCowdawg wrote:not so fast... nipples are part of the mesh. You could use sculpting to eliminate them from the mesh or at least smooth them down.

This is essentially how it is done throughout the modeling industry when models are purchased or employees create them and the anatomicly correct features are not the only thing that usually gets re-textured and/or re-sculpted.

Personally: I don't think the MakeHuman staff should focus on "removing" the anatomicly correct triangles/quads at all especially when we could use 3d modeling software to extrude or squish out polygons at will, imho. However a slider for flattening nipples to be flush with the breasts geometry is something that would probably make everybody happy ( but sometime 'after' the MH 1.1 release please )
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Re: Disable nipples

Postby Manuel » Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:26 pm

Handling this kind of things is easy in an open source product.
Just go here: http://bugtracker.makehuman.org/projects/makehuman
and file a request for a new feature.

We will read it and accept or reject it. In this case I added it for myself, since it's a valide feature request:



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