Trying to get MakeHuman into the Gentoo Portage tree

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Trying to get MakeHuman into the Gentoo Portage tree

Postby Mardok45 » Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:07 pm

Apparently, Gentoo has been trying to get MakeHuman into the Portage tree since 2006.

I'm going to try to get the Gentoo maintainers to finally get the darned thing into Portage and be done with it. I got some ebuilds written, and Aiena has been a big help in writing them.

The problem with getting MakeHuman into Portage is in order to build it, you have to run, which downloads a bunch of assets from your FTP server. The Gentoo maintainers won't like that because all assets should be pre-downloaded and checksummed before the build starts, and I imagine you guys won't like that because it'll bog down your server. So I wrote a script that creates a snapshot of the current version installed. It creates an ebuild, tarball, and checksum. Then, the Gentoo maintainers can put that snapshot on their mirrors. This should solve any problems, but we'll see what the maintainers have to say about it.
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Re: Trying to get MakeHuman into the Gentoo Portage tree

Postby duststorm » Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:26 pm

Indeed you can use build_prepare to create tar gzipped snapshots that you can submit to sources like build platforms.
That's the approach I recommend. It's also what Aiena is doing for the suse build.
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