Phoenix new mesh and targets

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Phoenix new mesh and targets

Postby xpundx » Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:56 am

In the /trunk/mh_phoenix/mh_core/ there are two methods that load the target file. The first, loadTranslationTarget, loads the target file which contains face data as well as the verts data. The second, loadTranslationTargetOldFormat, loads the old target format with just the verts. Will the final version support both, and what are the benifits of using the new format over the old one.

Also, I was playing with the new mesh using it with the maketarget (blender) approach. All works ok with the creation of a new base.mesh file but, when I tried to apply the target files from the SVN after first stripping out the face data, the targets seemed to only apply a little bumpiness to the mesh. Is the vert order still the same and is the morph factor still the same? (the new base.mesh was created from the imported base.obj)

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