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For animation

Postby snibgo » Sun Sep 07, 2008 5:47 pm

For animation

Very impressive results. Many thanks to the developers. This is a program many of us have wanted for a long time (in my case, decades). Naturally, I've a wish-list of new features. I'm putting each one as a separate thread in the forum, so people can comment on each one. This isn't a series of gripes, merely suggestions on how to make a great system even greater. Congratulations to all.

I don't think my comments are covered elsewhere in the forums or articles. If they are, my apologies.


I hope a future version will enable MH to be run non-interactively, so animation software can generate a series of pose files, and MH can generate the appropriate OBJ files (or other output).

This doesn't have to be smart. A facility to run MH something like this:

> makehuman -oFrame054.obj

would be fine.
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