Saving Problem.

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Saving Problem.

Postby Kazuma » Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:55 pm

When i hover my cursor on the save at the top-left of the screen, down at the bottom it says "Save Bodysetting". Then when i save it and try to load later it says "Error: Couldn't load file". I looked in my MakeHuman folder and in the bodysetting folder the save isn't there, it's in the poses folder, but then i go to the poses library and my poses nothing is there and it's the same in the characters library.
Is there no way to save the model and/or poses right now or is there something else i should do. I'm very lost with this. I searched the forum many times and couldn't find an answer so i made this topic, sorry if this has been asked or answered before.

Edit - I figured out the problem. Apparently I saved while i was viewing the poses mode and it was saved as a pose, but whenever i tried to load it, i was in character setting mode so the program was looking for bodysettings not poses. Hope this helps other new members that get lost in the same way.
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