Feature request: generate game skins/sprites

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Feature request: generate game skins/sprites

Postby Orisphera » Sat Apr 13, 2024 9:13 am

I have an idea of a program connected with MakeHuman. I'm not sure that I'm posting in the correct place because it's not exactly a feature of MH, but I don't know a better place to post it. Also, the idea is a bit weird. It's to generate player skins for games from MakeHuman models. This could be used to generate skins for such games as Minetest ones or some pixel art 2D ones. There would be a file format that describes the style. I'm also not sure if MH models are the right thing to generate the skins from; maybe there should be an extended version of the format so that one can, for example, make a style where the overalls have a texture that's some sort of continuation of the normal shirt texture (and the shirt is white).
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Re: Feature request: generate game skins/sprites

Postby Ricardo2020 » Sat Apr 13, 2024 2:37 pm

You might want to have a look at Blender. It can do what you describe.
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