Feature Requests: Mass Produce

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Feature Requests: Mass Produce

Postby MeditatingHamster » Fri Nov 13, 2020 10:27 am


Many thanks to the Mass Produce developer for a great plugin!

It would be great if the Mass produce plugin had..

1)An option to save the current configuration options and assets selected.
2)The value for the int/float displayed alongside the slider bars
3)Thumbnails for the assets in a 6th column to make it easier to know what the assets are that are being selected.
4) A text file alongside each generated file with attribution info for the assets used in the model/s
5) Larger 'Allowed' tables so more rows can be seen for each section.

5 I tweaked the massproduce.py myself by just increasing the table heinght. DEFAULT_TABLE_HEIGHT=500 etc..

2 I can probably append the value to the slider bar header strings myself at some point

3 I looked at trying to add this because it would a feature I would really want because trying to remember what each asset title looks like isn't possible for me.
I looked at how the assetdownload.py displays the thumbnail and was expecting the code to reference a local copy of the database for the thumbnail, but I can't fathom it out at the moment.
If anyone could offer any advice/info that would help me it would be really appreciated. Is the thumbnail being pulled from the remote db?

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