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Re: Who is using Make Human to make games?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 10, 2021 4:06 am
by Brandy Farfan
There are a handful of people on the Unity Forum, that are using makehuman for some of their game characters. I find that really cool.

Re: Who is using Make Human to make games?

PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2021 1:06 am
by tomcat

popleosademms wrote:I want to make a game to help people learn the sport of cutting. This is done with horses and cattle.

Since I'm going to include livestock care in my project, I've given this question some thought. I also attended lectures on creating games. I will answer it point by point from what I understood:

my first question on the way to seeing if Unity would be a good development environment for my game.

It doesn't matter what engine is used. You can make a game on almost any engine, which will be understandable and convenient. "Bad architecture is not a sentence, good architecture is not a guarantee of success." (с)

Can I get horses and cattle into this game?

The big problem in animal implementation is that there are very few good models and animations of their movements. You have to do everything yourself by hand. There is no animal generator (analog of the humanoid character generator).

Can I have a viewpoint that is above the cattle, at the height of a rider on horseback?

As far as I understand, in any engine you can place the camera arbitrarily.

Horse animation in games.

Case in point. When I was brushing a horse (fighting horse, Donchak), it stepped on my foot. I was wearing reinforced mountain boots and didn't react to it. So the brute bent his head to see if his hoof was really on my foot!