Black Border on Head

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Black Border on Head

Postby BLENDERMAN192 » Fri Apr 23, 2021 6:17 pm

When I export my finished human in Blender it leaves a black border around the hair. How do I fix this?
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Re: Black Border on Head

Postby Aranuvir » Fri Apr 23, 2021 7:47 pm

Your Blender cannot handle transparency. Check the official docs.
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Re: Black Border on Head

Postby Madesomehumans » Fri Apr 23, 2021 11:07 pm

If you switch from Solid to Material Preview for Viewport Shading (the circle icons at the top right), you should be able to see transparencies. I think there's a trick to see transparencies in Solid mode but I forget how to do it, or it's no longer available post 2.8.
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