Multiple Characters

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Multiple Characters

Postby TCarp » Thu Mar 05, 2020 11:50 am

I have made about seven characters in MH for an animation project. I exported them as an MHX2 from MH. I imported them into a blender file for each character with the MHX2 import with face shapes, face shape drivers, and a rigify rig. I like this method of importing into blender from MH because the of the face shapes, visems from moho support, and all the options of a rigify rig. The new import method still seems limited. I made many changes to each character in blender. This includes: masking under-layers, adding my preferred eyeballs, UV Unwrapping clothing, materials and shading and adding and brushing hair. It takes about an hour-and-a-half per character. I noticed yesterday when I tried appending each character from their character blender file into a scene file for the animation project that the first character didn't import with the "misk" tab where the rigify adjustments are. As you may be aware, these adjustments include needed things such as: rig layers, ik_fk switch, and pole target switch. I undid the blender append and then appended the text. I ran that text code and then appended the character. That character, when his rig was selected, had the rigify user interface. I then appended the next character. She did not have the rig UI when I selected her rig. I undid that, ran the script again and tried re-appending her. She still didn't have the user interface. Can I find the needed rigify adjustments somewhere else? How can I append multiple characters and have this Rig UI for each of them?
Sorry if this is a lengthy problem, I didn't know who/ where else to turn to to get an answer.
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