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Hair Style Request

PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2021 3:39 pm
by Ricardo2020
I love to make models of big girls in Make Human. There are so many wonderful targets, both in the repo and more on the way, which allow for some very realistic results. When the mesh has that "just so" shape after pushing all those sliders back and forth, then comes the hard part. That is, applying hair and clothing.

With big girls, getting the clothes to fit is daunting but doable. Some clothes simply do not work. Others fit nicely. Most of those which work seem to follow the mesh very closely. Loose attire can have very mixed results, from minor poke throughs to extreme tearing. But in the end, there are some clothes that work fine.

Then comes the hair. We have a lot of really nice styles in the repo, from long flowing locks to pony tails and curlies. What we do not have is that classic hippy style of long hair flowing free with the bangs tucked behind the ears. This hairstyle is very common, especially with teens and tweens.

I would ask that anyone who knows how to do hair right might see fit to add such a style to the repo. There could even be variations on this, from long to semi long. It might even be possible to make one that is only shoulder length, too. As for color, that is as easy as taking the texture into GIMP and changing the colors.

While we are on the subject of hair, there are a limited array of male styles. Most of these are either short or shaggy. There are some side part and comb back styles, but men have many styles from short to long. The focus here tends to favor females, and that's OK. However, we need more male styles.

Another cool hairstyle we do not see here is the Native American side braids, with the hair parted in the middle and braided just behind each ear. This style is common to girls who braid the hair when it is not flowing free. In both styles, the hair is parted in the middle. When not braided, it is tucked behind the ears with some of it flowing over the ears to hide them.

How hard would it be to include these hairstyles in the repo after a good beta test? I am really looking forward to the results of this request. So far, the community is epic in that, when a request is made, one of the members will jump on it. This group zeal keeps me coming back to the forum and also having the program running on my workstation.

Many thanks to all who read this and take action.

Keep up the fine work, folks!