File path error with node id 67 slave collar full metal

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File path error with node id 67 slave collar full metal

Postby yumri23 » Sun Dec 29, 2019 3:22 pm

Makehuman 1.2.0 alpha 4 works fine until I use the community asset Node id 67 author learning license CC0 title Salve collar full metal. When I use that asset I get the error
Cannot get texture for file path Tileable+eroded+scratch+metal+background+05.jpg. no such file.
In the Logs tab under Utilities. It goes away when the asset is removed. It happens even if the process is repeated with a reset of the 3D model then the Salve collar full metal is applied. In that I concluded it is that asset.

Please fix.
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Re: File path error with node id 67 slave collar full metal

Postby jeflehardi » Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:45 am

I'm a beginner but I can give you only a temporary answer but it works: the name in jpg is too long so:
- change the name to "1.jpg" for example
- open the collar_fullmetal.mhmat file and change the name of the jpg file "Tileable + eroded + scratch + metal + background + 05.jpg" to "1.jpg"

and then, it works ... temporarily

So it's not completely solved but temporarily it's work
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Re: File path error with node id 67 slave collar full metal

Postby punkduck » Sat Jan 09, 2021 11:20 am


... no the problem is much simpler. Filenames with blanks in it will result in problems because the mhmat file is simply parsed and split into "words".

Since that is no rocket-science, here the full information:

yes, you can always rename the file and then change the entry in the .mhmat file. Only when you change the name of a .mhmat file itself, edit the .mhclo (where it is referenced) also.

The files with ".npz" and ".mhpxy" are the only binary ones (except from the textures of course), but they are created by MakeHuman itself. As long as a .mhclo and .obj is there, you can throw them away, they will be re-created (it is a bit like compiling). But there is no reason for throwing them away in this case. It is only referenced in the .mhmat file.

Since these are user assets we cannot fix it, sorry. :?

Of course it would be much better, when the uploader names a file <my_asset>.jpg or <my_asset>_diffuse.png

We also had full pathnames like c:\myhomepath btw. which always will result in trouble, not only for the Linux and Apple users, but for all those not using the exact same path :mrgreen:
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