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Looking for a Asset(Baggy Navy Blue Tucked in Formal shirt)

PostPosted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:17 am
by njrk97
When i had Make human on my previous machine i had quite a few assests downloaded, while i have tracked down and found most of them there is one that i am currently lacking. Its a male formal shirt, navy blue in colour IIRC and is rather distinctly a baggy shirt that bunches up near the bottom (It is a shirt that is tucked in). It doesn't seem like it sorted in shirts and this website seems to...well... run like garbage on my net so i don't want to have to sift through the entire assets library as it often times takes upwards of 10 to 30 seconds to load any pages. So i was wondering if anyone had a link to the page of this asset on here?

Update: It seemed the asset i was looking for is built into Make human, for whatever reason a few of the default attires were not showing up correctly on the side and that seems to be why i missed it.