Wish list for target manipulation

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Wish list for target manipulation

Postby OnlyTheGhosts » Sun Sep 02, 2018 8:40 am

Not that I might use any of these soon, but if they were available, then maybe I would;

Target for Chinese small feet that were created by deforming the feet as the girl grew. Horrible I know, that's not the point, but historical accuracy is. Just be nice to be able to make a character such as a Chinese princess like that.

Target for Victorian corsets, women grew into these, just as crazy extreme in the distortion as the Chinese small foot fetish was. Want to do some steampunk characters set in the late Victorian era? This would be necessary to get it right. Just narrowing the waist isn't enough, the shape of the rib cage was deformed too.

Target for the flattened foreheads common in many ancient Mesoamerican cultures. Similar traditional head deformation is still practiced in some places.

Target for those cauliflower ears common among Rugby players and boxers and many brawlers.

Target for those swollen ears common among Judo practitioners.

Target for broken noses. I played Rugby and got into fights a lot when younger, broke my nose at least 4 times badly enough it was at odd angles for years.

Target for smaller teeth and deformed teeth and moving teeth backward. There's already one for enlarging the teeth and another for moving them forward.

Just a Wish List. Maybe someone will get inspired.
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