Question about making hair for MakeHuman.

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Question about making hair for MakeHuman.

Postby bogdan666 » Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:52 pm

I would like to make hair with blender for MakeHuman, but don't know how to make hair, that looks good.
I've tried sculpted hair, then I've done modular hair, but it looks bad.
How was the makehuman long hair (or any other good looking hair) made? Esp. the texturing, uv mapping. That must have been a pain in the a** to uv map and fit every strand...
Has only blender been used or some pay addons like hairtool?
makehuman hair example
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Re: Question about making hair for MakeHuman.

Postby o4saken » Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:13 pm

The secret is when you have your texture, then you start with 4 - 6 rectangle planes "strands", UV wrap these few to different sections of the texture as you desire, these are not used on the model just yet they are there so you can make more strands - pick one, duplicate it ( this automatically duplicates the UV as well), move it in place, bending and shaping as desired, once in place, you go back to one of your original strands, duplicate and place, duplicate and place... Painful process :) but with patience you get the best results. my attempts using addons have never really produces something decent, but i dont have the patience to try the above.

And obviously you start at the lower part of the hair, i.e if you were doing the back you would start in the neck area working up, so that as you get higher the top strands overlap the bottom ones.
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