help on a tutu

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help on a tutu

Postby badwolf » Tue May 02, 2017 5:57 pm

Im in the process of making a simple tutu (platter style with a bit of a bell curve to it) and im at the stage where i need to setup groups

1 im assuming i need to use rigid groups for the skirt but will 1 group work or do i need to split things into sections??
2 if i do need to split things up how many groups and what verts??
3 and what verts should i grab for the anchors?? ... u.png?dl=0 <---- a pic of what i have (the green bit) ... blend?dl=0 <---- the actual blend file

im looking to get the skirt to scale down properly and not distort
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Re: help on a tutu

Postby Mindfront » Tue May 02, 2017 10:21 pm

I did one rigid group on my ballet dress skirt.
Rigid vertex group skirt

Rigid group helper

Then ordinary vertex groups for the rest. The part above the skirt (except the straps) I had "Mid", "Left", "Right" on the Helper mesh and the part below the skirt I had "Pants_M", "Pants_L", "Pants_R" on the body mesh.
Then I did vertex groups for the straps "Strap_L" and "Strap_R" (also on the body mesh) as close the straps as possible.
Fast screenshot:
Rest of vertex groups
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Re: help on a tutu

Postby punkduck » Tue May 02, 2017 10:45 pm

And I did it similar as Mindfront did for my tutu:

First I let makeclothes generate the normal 3 vertex groups left, mid, right.

Then I created a 4th group called *tutu and put this on the "outer rings" of my tutu.
You have to delete the other groups from these vertices of course.
I also selected nearly identical vertices on the human for the *tutu group -- I did it on the human, not on the helper, but this should not make a difference in this region.

In my case tutu and leotard are two clothes ... Mindfront has done it as one piece.
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