Humanoid Alien Bodyparts and Fur

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Humanoid Alien Bodyparts and Fur

Postby TrashHunter » Fri Dec 03, 2021 3:58 pm


I am a writer and I write sci-fi, fantasy and erotic novels.
In my great saga "The Soulbringers Law" numerous humanoid alien species appear.
Of course, I would like to present them in pictures in my books and print them out as 3D models with my 3D printer.

I have a few problems with this, because some species have anatomical peculiarities:

  1. Seridian women have three breasts sitting side by side (Usually handy small and firm).
  2. Tremerian women and Ulfred women have two pairs of breasts sitting on top of each other, so four breasts.
  3. Tremerian women have a tasselled tail reaching to the level of the knees, similar to that of a lion.
  4. Tremerians have a sand-coloured, short, soft fur all over their body and cat's paws instead of feet.
  5. Kameri have a short, soft coat striped in fine lines of black and white like that of a zebra and ears similar to those of a horse.
  6. Fandesi have a grey-blue skin and a shark's dentition of 72 sharp teeth.
  7. Wardesi have yellow skin and black mucous membranes (lips, areolas, nipples and pussy).
  8. Seridians have blue skin and bright red mucous membranes with blue spots (lips, areolas, nipples and pussy).
  9. Pardels have short, soft orange fur with small brown spots and a tail similar to that of a leopard, as well as a cat's head with corresponding teeth and cat ears.

All these species are humanoid in basic form with the appropriate attributes.

Is there anyone in the community who would enjoy developing matching targets? I'm happy to be able to create reasonably respectable figures with MakeHuman, but I'm failing at developing such assets, even with e:b. Blender and in my CAD programme, re-modelling an STL model is an unspeakable pain and the results are... Junk.

Please, please, please... Help me to give my protagonists a face.

I'm happy to give the authors of such assets each a signed copy of one of my books as a way of saying thank you.

(I don't know if I'm allowed to link here.... If you are interested in my novels, you only have to google Udo Meeßen or enter Udo Meeßen (Udo Meessen) at the big A as a search term. My 57 novels have been published in German and English).

I am NOT interested in selling more books. This post is EXCLUSIVELY about my desire to visualise the alien species I have designed with MakeHuman.
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Re: Humanoid Alien Bodyparts and Fur

Postby JALdMIC » Sun Jan 02, 2022 9:54 pm

I don't speak English,i made some targets who give the model some animal
No hablo ingles, he hecho algunos "targets" que le dan al modelo algo de aspecto animal.
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