Looking for makehuman-commandline from joepal/duststorm01

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Looking for makehuman-commandline from joepal/duststorm01

Postby flaemy » Wed Dec 29, 2021 6:44 am

Hi, I really want to implement makehuman in a project but I'm desperately in need of the makehuman-commandline repository to fulfill my projects needs. As it stands, there is a repository on github for makehuman-commandline but it is written in python2.7. I have a hunch that there is a python3 version of this repository out there, I could find an archived repository of it on mercurial but it only contains metadata, not the actual files required. If anyone can ask or point duststorm01 (owner of this mercurial repo) about it, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Re: Looking for makehuman-commandline from joepal/duststorm0

Postby joepal » Wed Dec 29, 2021 4:06 pm

Unfortunately, I think that any mercurial repository left on bitbucket has been wiped. Bitbucket decided a while ago to discontinue mercurial support. I don't have a local copy of it either.

Depending on your use case, maybe you'd be helped by using the cli options in the socket plugin instead? There are a few examples on how to use the command line to ask a running MH instance to perform certain operations here: https://github.com/makehumancommunity/c ... master/cli

The commands available can be found in the __init__ method of each operations class, such as https://github.com/makehumancommunity/c ... meshops.py where you can get access to the vertex data of the current character.

This is pretty crude and chances are it won't be enough out of the box. But the command line branch for MH was pretty crude too.
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