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Re: Project MakeHuman4SL/Opensimulator

Postby Elvaerwyn » Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:44 am

I'm not sure what to say here, except hello a return to old frustrations lol! So here goes anyway...I was wondering why there's an issue with importing the colladas to opensim again seemingly from makehuman directly or from blender maybe even? I did a couple dry runs and found no issues with the process. (used firestorm and singularity on personal sim, iw, and two seperate opensim grids).Then I thought well, its been a long while since downloading my plugins and such eh? I visited the github and grabbed the current commits and dropped them in...voila! Issues abounding just as stated, even found a couple of situations where the collada was not willing to be exported at all lol *sigh*. So I took a quick look in the dae file to be curious and found that its being exported as a lower version of collada than blender tends to export the same file. I remember some time back there was talk of a dropping of collada support in future, if this is the case for makehuman there will be no use really for direct opensim application. I love makehuman and hope this is not the case as collada files are at present a must for sim use.
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Re: Project MakeHuman4SL/Opensimulator

Postby Aranuvir » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:53 am

[...]I visited the github and grabbed the current commits and dropped them in...voila! Issues abounding just as stated, even found a couple of situations where the collada was not willing to be exported at all[...]

What exactly did you download from github and where did you put it? The current state of master is something between alpha and first beta... Now, the code is in most cases intended to run with Python3 only, i.e. plugins from master will probably not work with current MakeHuman releases (Python2!). The Collada code itself was untouched in the sense, that there were only some changes to run with Pyhton3 and minor bug fixes. We do not plan to remove Collada, but at the moment there will not be a version upgrade.
Exporting Collada with the current version (master:949bb30b) works for me. If you have any problems with the exporter, it would be helpful when you post error messages from the log tab in the forum's bugs section. (If you haven't run the master version before: keep in mind, that we have currently huge issues with OpenGL and it is possible MakeHuman will not startup at all. FBX export wasn't ported yet).
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Re: Project MakeHuman4SL/Opensimulator

Postby RobBaer » Sun Jul 01, 2018 9:36 pm

There are no plans to drop collada.

In what seems a lifetime ago, I did extensive MH collada export testing when mhx2 went out on its own. We still have some open issues which Joepal has summarized here but fundamentally it is working fine in the release version of MakeHuman 1.1.1 . Joel had it right when he commented that Collada support is weak everywhere. It's a not so standard standard.

To illustrate. It turns out that when I tried to use a round trip export/import from Blender back into Blender to assure internal consistency (i.e., to have a gold standard) , I discovered that things exported objects did not round trip intact and back into Blender. Blender citizens are working on it. In fact, Avastar's Gaia Clary is spearheading an effort to keep Blender's Collada alive and relevant against SOME voices that seem not to care. Their work can be monitored here: I have not had time to stay current with their Blender efforts as of late.

For now, our (MakeHuman's) released .dae files import fine into Blender 2.79 and I have typically not had to use any special import options. [I don't use second life, so I can comment directly on that scene.] Again, there is no plan to drop support. But, there is also no plan to redesign anything until other major work on the core application is finished, or unless someone new decided to take on such a project.

All that said, specific bugs on the release code can be posted to the bugtacker, and we'll see what we can do. No promises.
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