Animeeple - using MH's custom skeleton

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Animeeple - using MH's custom skeleton

Postby make2 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 5:01 pm


First of all, thx for this nice soft you have dev up to now. Good job !

Im using Animeeple, a very simple, ergonomic and free character animator and successfully import my MH character using this skeleton ... l_rig.html

Its seems good solution to have better/soft rigging as ithas more bones

--> Problem : when i use the .bvh i can find on Internet , the skeleton used is less complex (ie : 1 bone in the lower-arm instead of 2 in my character) ; as a result, my character's arms twist like a over-cooked macaroni.

--> Question : i know there is a blender plugin called "Makewalk" does it works only with the default MH skeleton ? Why MH community dont delivers some "retargeted" .bvh animations for it's default skeleton ? I ask that because im really newbie with blender

--> With Animeeple, i use the upper skeleton to make facial animations . Don't you think that it could be great to give an "animation" platform attached for each skeleton so people can upload .bvh ?

Remark : with Animeeple, you can overlap animations . For exemple, on my character A in neutral T-position i will make it smile , character B will close an eye, i can overlap those 2 animations on a charater C so he will do the 2 animations.
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Re: Animeeple - using MH's custom skeleton

Postby make3 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:10 pm


Im make2 but lost my password..

I created the System Rigg for Animeeple :) Its exactely the same than the default mh but the names of the bones are different so Animeeple can import the model without modifications. ... human.html
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