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AnimationPrepStudio - Makehuman VR motion capture

Postby AnimationPrepStudios » Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:35 am

VR motion capture that allows MakeHuman avatars to be created, recorded and quickly export everything into Blender to begin rendering compilations within minutes:
Includes Knuckles finger tracking support!!!

Example showing how to add MakeHuman characters as VR mocap avatars:
[Finished] SteamVR mocap tools for MakeHuman/Blender


More on the official releases can be found here.

AnimationPrepStudio (Lite) - Version: 2.0.2.

The latest version (2.0.2) has been updated with a slimmer UI and many optimizations. The new AnimationPrepStudio (Lite) is a streamlined version and now build with the Unity (2019.2.4f1) 3D engine.

I have recently had the opportunity to work with artists who were very helpful with testing and perfecting the latest version. Many features added to simplify building custom avatars and props.

Custom Scene Builder Project - Add custom environments to the “scenes” list from any .blend file.
Custom Avatar Builder Project - Add custom Makehuman models from any .blend files.
Custom Prop Builder Project - Add custom props or firearms from any .blend file.
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