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Some Light and Camera Experiments

PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2022 1:01 am
by DrHas
I've been meaning to post some of my work/experiments for a while now. These involve my digital sculpturing of charecters using Makehuman and Blender. These experiments have been crucial in improving all my work exponentially. Proper use of Blender's camera system, as these images are startig to show, and the understanding that I should have been using my 'real' world photography skills has been a real eye opener. Doh, it should have been obvious...and for some of you guys it may have been, but a lot of the information contained in countless articles I read on Blender suggested you should just leave Blender's camera settings on default. So, a full frame sensor and whatever the focal length the default lens Blender is. Doh again. By following this 'advice', I really limited my work and indeed output. Proper lighting has been as important too. I use a tri-light rig composed of a world HDRI, an overhead HDRI and a point light for the face. Finally, I've used the ACES color system too. Hollywood for those in the know. I will do some proper 'how I did it vids' very soon.

I really love Makehuman. I have looked and even dabbeled with over charecter systems - from what I've seen - none seem to offer the ability to really sculpt like a real world sculpture like Makehuman. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Addons like the Human Generator, Bastoni's charecter generator and Iclone all seem to be based on a series on predetermined inputs which then creates a random charecter. This limits what you can achieve when doing charecter creation. In reality, these charecter creation tools are for useless idots too lazy or not talented enough to engage in the learning process of ethereal sculpting, as I like to call what I do.

I've still got a lot of work to do, I only brought the new skin shaders last week and Simply Cloth Pro a couple of weeks ago. I also use the Photographer addon - also brought from Blender market, as well as a number of lighting assests and free HDRi's.

So stay tuned for more pics and indeed the how to vids which I will post here soon. Hopefully, someone will find these handy in their journey to be great ethereal sculptures. Oh, and I create both 2d and VR works too, and of which these models are and will be used in. So stay tuned for these too. I'm working on Facial Mocap for these works as well. I will keep everyone posted. I'm using another Blender Addon - Faceit (I think to create a facial mocap rig). I just haven't had enough time to work it out.


P.S I used my Donald Trump charecter and morphed him into The Wolf.